EduBase is a revolutionary education consultancy business based in Singapore and operating throughout Southeast Asia that is created by teachers for teachers! 
We are the number one provider of supply teaching staff for schools within Singapore that focuses on subject specific staff. Working together with schools to provide dedicated staffing resources, EduBase is geared towards matching your requirements and exceeding your expectations. Our educational database of teaching staff delivers in providing schools with the right supply of staff in order to deliver in a way that your students and school expects with subject specific teaching.  We match teachers to supply roles in a convenient and systematic way.

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Created by Teachers for Teachers

The no.1 relief teaching provider for International Schools in Singapore



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Are you a certified freelance teacher? Or are you looking for teaching assignments? Look no further - we have got your back. 



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Someone just took a day off and there are no quality substitute teachers available!

Sound familiar? Quit panicking!
We have got you covered with our portfolio of reputable, subject-specific teachers.


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